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Coming Soon | Fortune2Go

LEASE MOBILE SWEEPSTAKES GAMES Lease Fortune2Go Mobile Sweepstakes Game, an Online Cloud Competition Gaming Server for a small weekly leasing fee. (Live business location must be approved for leasing after checkout) We make it easy to start revenue sharing with our team while creating endless profit streams at your local foot trafficked business.1. Shop for your goodies 2. Add them to your lease cart 3. Agree & Sign Lease Terms 4. Fill out Location leasing Information 5. Our Team will Review and Approve or Deny The Order. Once You are Approved its an easy waiting process, we will keep you notified with tracking info and more when the order is ready to ship out to your location. Expect Approvals To Take 1-5 days and Deliveries soon after. Depending on development volumes. We deliver faster than most companies you may be used to, and always support our products.

Coming Soon | Fortune2Go

  • This is a sweepstakes mobile system for established businesses that are compliant with state and federal laws and legally able to run a sweepstakes and/or competition games or rewards programs. We offer the ability to lease these systems only to approved locations under certain conditions and requirements in accordance with these laws.

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