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GETTING STARTED with Redluck Rewards is made simple, Just follow the links and read the info. shop, sign up and lease.

Icon Check with Person.png
Agree To Site Policy
Agree To Terms Of Use
Agree To Comply With All Laws
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Own Business Entity 
Legally Run Sweeps
Commercial Location 
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Proof Of Income
Proof Of I.D
Proof Of Business

Own a local business establishment that is ready to offer sweepstakes, contest, or reward programs? Look no further. We can help you get setup quickly and easily just follow our step by step tutorials for a simple guide to getting started or purchase our sweepstakes compliance package.

1. Own a busy shop
Icon Repair.png
4. Charge Entry Fees
icon front desk.png
2. Add reward programs
Icon gamers.png
5. Let Players Compete
Icon add games.png
3. Add Contest Games
icon redeem prizes.png
6. Earn Cash Rewards

Start leasing our products today! Takes a few minutes to shop for the products you love, become a member, fill in business lease info so we can learn about what you offer and how we can connect our rewards programs to your existing business.  The more info we have the faster approval takes.

icon Shopping check out.png
icon computer checkout.png
1. Shop & Add To Cart
icon Percentage quote.png
icon you the man.png
4. Get a Quick Quote
Icon Join Membership.png
2. Join Membership
Icon Agree & Sign Lease.png
5. Agree & Sign Lease
icon checkout cart.png
icon lease quote.png
3. CheckOut & Lease
icon Sales Support.png
6. Finalize with Sales

Once Agreement is finalized, your order will be sent to our supply team for review and must await approval before delivery can happen. this can take 3-7 days as this average is based on volume & process times.

icon location compliance.png
1. Location Compliance 
icon mapping.png
2. Game Radius Mapping
icon location approval.png
3. Review & Approval

Products will be shipped and/or instantly downloaded using an iOS or Android App. However you may be charged  for cancellations or ship back fees. If you return our product with breach of contract. 

icon delivery.png
1. Free Delivery (7-14 days)
icon delivery tracking.png
2. Receive Tracking Number
3. Arrival Plus Install
icon delivered.png

We handle all installations, with either a live installer, live walk thru call, or an easy app install! We make the process quite simple and is normally instant after delivery. depending on volume.

icon sending an installer.png
1. We Send An Installer
icon insta support.png
2. DIY Walk Thru Call
icon easy install.png
3. Easy App Install

We set up Private Signal support channels for servicing your points, activating accounts, sending login details for your software, POS register and game channels. Adding our supply channels support tech teams for you to interact with and receive any time support for all our products you lease with us. 

icon auto support.png
1. Instant Automatic Setup
icon support setup.png
2. Live Support Channels
icon install walk thru.png
3. Free Tech Support

Operators will be responsible for complying with all legalities as well as maintaining the sweepstakes properly. Must have your own bank to start, you wont need much in most cases. We offer easy to use tutorials that can guide you thru the entire setup.

icon cashier.png
icon setup cashiers.png
1. Setup POS & Cashiers
icon participate.png
1. Particpants Play & Earn
icon start process.png
2. Add Bank & Players
icon charge entry fees.png
2. Redeem Earned Points
icon entry fees.png
3. Collect Entry Fees
icon redeem prizes.png
3. Pay Fee, Collect %

Reporting and payment processing is very simple and to the point. just follow the steps to guide you in the proper direction to get started with your leasing bill.

icon reporting.png
1.Reports Due Every Mon.
icon invoice due.png
2. Invoice Sent Tuesday
iconfig payment sent.png
3. Payment Due Friday
Getting Started
How It Works
How To Lease
Approval Process
Delivery Process
Install Process
Support Process
How To Report & Pay
Operation Process
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