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Fusion 3 | Vertical Kiosk Game System

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Fusion 3 | Vertical Kiosk Game System

  • Complete Arcade Ready Kiosk Game System

    • Plug and Play Standup Kiosk
    • Shell Wrapped with Top Quality Wood
    • Fully Integrated Gameboard
    • 19-24in. Gold Finger Touch Screen
    • Built-in 4k Game Graphics
    • Graphic and RAM Cards
    • Built-in Wifi and Ethernet
    • Built-in Power Supply
    • Interchangable Cash Box
    • Easy Release Bill Acceptor
    • Custom Thermal Printer
    • Key and Lock Safety
    • Anti-Cheat Alarms
    • Built-in Speakers With Volume Control
    • Anytime Online Support 


    H: 78.5” x D: 22" x W: 28" 

    Weight: 110 lbs

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